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 Violinist,  modern dancer, performance artist, costume designer, composer, painter, author, and illustrator, Naomi Joy Nance has been busy creating worlds for a couple of decades.


In the past, her focus took residence mostly on stage and in the performance arts. Today, she turns to a more inward direction with writing and studying the ancient healing science of Qigong.


In 2005 she discovered Spring Forest Qigong and is now a Certified SFQ Trainer. Several years ago, Jim Nance ( Qigong Master) asked if she would be interested in collaborating on the story "Jim and The Ants". She is proud to present the completion of this book for children (and advanced adults). 


It is Naomi's deep belief that everyone is a healer, and everyone is their own "best" healer. Her wish is to share knowledge about self-healing and helping others through Qigong, and through the many gifts of creativity she has picked up along the way.


Naomi is also the Executive Director of Guiding Qi, LLC.

You can find more about Guiding Qi and Master Jim Nance here. 

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