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66 pages, 8.5x11, Full Color, Soft Cover


Now Available!

A new picture book for children, teachers, and healers.


A true tale, as told by Qigong Master Jim Nance

       Written and Illustrated by N.J. Nance

Jim has a big heart and the gift of healing. One day, he discovers a family of ants living in his house and amazing things begin to unfold. Through curiosity and gentleness, Jim and the ants form a unique friendship. When an accident happens, and someone in the ant family is hurt. Jim is able to help his new friends through his Qigong healing abilities. Through Jim and the ants, we are reminded of the great value of listening and how it relates to unconditional love, and a reminder that life exists all around us, at all times, and in so many forms and sizes. A connection to even the smallest beings can open up a whole new world!

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